23 Apr 2019

Organised by the International Table Tennis Federation in conjunction with the Hungarian Table Tennis Association and the University of Pecs, the 16th Sports Science Congress, staged prior to the Liebherr 2019 World Championships, concluded on Sunday 20th April.

Alongside Professor Miran Kondric, Chair of the ITTF Sport Science and Medical Committee at the helm of proceedings was Dr. David David Paar, Senior Lecturer at the University of Pecs, Faculty of Health Sciences.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Commencing proceedings notable names attended the Opening Ceremony.

Significantly present were Mrs. Tünde Szabo, Hungarian Secretary of State for Sport and Thomas Weikert, President of the International Table Tennis Federation, alongside Roland Natran, President of the Hungarian Table Tennis Association and Pongrac Acs, Vice Dean of the University of Pécs, Faculty of Health Sciences.

“Numerous interesting lectures were provided by 100 authors personally from different countries of the world. Scientific discussions were carried out in five different oral sessions and a poster session.” David Paar

The Danubius Hotel Flamenco proved a first class venue, all the facilities for a highly successful initiative being available. Furthermore, there was an added element.

“Many new scientific connections were established, the international network of table tennis sports scientists has been widened. The official gala dinner and the production of the Dancing Team of University of Pécs connected the scientists under informal conditions.” David Paar

Matters concluded with an address from Professor Miran Kondric.

“He stressed the most important purpose of the Congress was not necessarily the publication of papers but the strengthening and establishing of closer relationships between the participants whilst serving players and coaches with useable knowledge.” David Paar

Overall, a most positive response for a most valuable venture, one from which all benefitted; the local organisers can reflect with an element of pride on having completed a most successful Congress.

2019 World Table Tennis Championships Sports Science Professor Miran Kondrič Dr David Paar

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