14 Apr 2019

Organised under the auspices of ITTF High Performance and Development, the Al-Ahly Club located in Cairo’s Nasr City was the recent home for an ITTF Level Two Course; proceedings commenced on Monday 8th April and concluded on Saturday 13th April.

The course conductor was the host nation’s Ashraf Abdel Fatah.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Overall, a total of 10 coaches attended, notably one member returning after having started such an endeavour last year but having been unable to compete owing to being required at the 2018 Egyptian National Championships.

Everyone responded to the efforts of Ashraf Abdel Fatah, a positive atmosphere prevailing throughout from a most knowledgeably group of students.

“There were good relations between the students who pushed each other to achieve the highest levels.” Ashraf Abdel Fatah

Moreover, the efforts of Hassan Masoud, the Manager of the Al Ahly Club added to the occasion; locally matters were splendidly organized, everything ran smoothly with the necessary support facilities all in place. Throughout a total of 21 table tennis tables were available.

“Everything was in place to make this course a success; the background of the course members made it easier for them to understand the information. All enjoyed the course, now I am waiting from the participants to continue learning by follow the programmes of the International Table Tennis Federation.” Ashraf Abdel Fatah

Proceedings concluded with a visit from Dr. Samir El-Beltagy, the President of the Cairo Zone, he was present alongside Hassan Masoud. He congratulated the students and asked them to study further so that they can develop the club’s players.

A most successful venture at a club which is steeped in success and has spawned many of Egypt’s most prominent players in recent years. Most significantly the now retired from international play, El-Sayed Lashin alongside Omar Assar and Khaled Assar are all from the Al-Ahly Club as is Dina Meshref, the young lady surely destined to Africa’s best ever female player.

High Performance and Development Coaching Ashraf Abdel-Fatah