04 Apr 2019

The nation is the same but it is a new name at the top of the under 21 men’s world rankings issued for April; Japan’s Koyo Kanamitsu replaces colleague Yuto Kizukuri at the top of the order.

He climbs three places, having previously stood in the no.4 spot; for Yuto Kizukuri, it is a quite significant drop, he now appears in the no.14 position.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Likewise Denmark’s Anders Lind climbs the ladder. Previously at no.5, he replaces Austria’s Andreas Levenko and Japan’s Yuki Matsuyama, who on the March list shared the no.2 spot. Andreas Levenko drops one place, Yuki Matsuyama now appears at no.8.

Japan at the helm, it is the same in the under 21 women’s order of merit, where the Land of the Rising Sun occupies the top three places. Satsuki Odo climbs from no.4 to no.2, Miyuu Kihara remains at no.3; the significant change is the fall of Hong Kong’s Minnie Soo Wai Yam; previously at no.2, she drops to no.17.

Changes, not at the very top of the under 18 boys’ world rankings; China’s Xiang Peng remains ahead of Sweden’s Truls Moregard and colleague Xu Yingbin, the player to make the most significant progress being Chile’s Nicolas Burgos. He advances from no.17 to no.11.

Similarly, the top three names on the under 18 girls’ world rankings remain the same. China’s Shi Xunyao heads the list followed by Amy Wang of the United States and Poland’s Anna Wegrzyn. Player of the moment is undoubtedly China’s Chen Yi. In March, she completed a clean sweep of available titles at the 2019 Italian Junior and Cadet Open. She climbs from no.19 to no.8; notably also on the under 15 girls’ world rankings, she retains her no.2 spot once again next in line to compatriot, Kuai Man.

Immediately below it is a change of places, Romania’s Elena Zaharia appears at no.3, Japan’s Kaho Akae at no.4; the player to catch the eye being Rachel Sung from the United States, she moves from no.16 to no.9.

Also, on the under 15 boys’ world rankings, Japan’s Sora Matsushima continues to lead. He is listed ahead of Peru’s Carlos Fernandez and Czech Republic’s Simon Belik; on the March listings Simon Belik was at no,2, Carlos Fernandez at no.3. The player to note is Louis Laffineur of Belgium, he now reserves the no.7 spot; previously he occupied the no.14 position.

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