02 Apr 2019

The opening day, Monday 1st April, completed in Accra at the 2019 Ghana Junior and Cadet Open, the first stage of the cadet boys’ team event duly came to a close; somewhat differently, in the junior boys’ team competition each outfit has still one fixture to complete.

Notably for Congo Democratic it was a day of contrasting fortunes.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

In the junior boys’ team event Christian Mbongia and Exauce Ngefuassa excelled, they ended the day unbeaten; conversely for colleagues Noredi Bongo and Rabby Kasota it was quite the reverse scenario.

Occupying the no.2 seeded position in the competition; they experienced a 3-0 defeat at the hands of Nigeria’s Azeez Solanke and Emmanuel Augustine Animasahun, followed by exactly the same outcome when confronting the combination formed by England’s James Smith and Costa Rica’s Alfredo Sanchez.

Both Azeez Solanke and Emmanuel Augustine Animasahun as well as James Smith and Alfredo Sanchez ended the day unbeaten and are thus guaranteed places in the semi-finals; they meet to decide first position in the group.

Meanwhile, in the corresponding group, in addition to Christian Mbongia and Exauce Ngefuassa, there was success for the host nation. Augustine Baidoo and Samuel Hagan ended the day with an unblemished record. Likewise both outfits have semi-final places reserved; they confront each other to determine top spot.

Two groups in the initial stage of the junior boys’ team competition, in the counterpart cadet boys’ team event it was three groups.

Unbeaten performances, Saudi Arabia’s Salem Alsuwailem and Khalid Alshareif duly secured first position in their group, as did India’s Arnav Manoj Karnavar ans Mainak Nistala. Similarly, impressive throughout the day, it was top spot for Nigeria’s Taiwo Mati and Jamiu Ayanwale.

Play in both the junior boys’ team and cadet boys’ team concludes on Friday 2nd April.

World Junior Circuit 2019 Ghana Junior & Cadet Open Christian Mbongia Exauce Ngefuassa

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