17 Mar 2019

On Friday 8th March, International Women’s Day was celebrated; now less than one month later World Table Tennis Day, Saturday 6th April, presents a prime opportunity to encourage women and girls to pick up the racket.

The Absar Welfare Foundation provides an example to follow.

by ITTF Foundation

Mian Absar Ali is from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan, a former national table tennis player he dropped out his career as an athlete to fight against gender injustice in his country.

He sold his house to create the Absar Welfare Foundation and a club, where now he lives. He then created the project “Search of Pearls”; the aim to motivate girls, women and their families to play table tennis, his idea was to provide an income as incentive for girls to play regularly.

It was a difficult start for the Absar Welfare Foundation due to fear of the violent situation in the country. However five years later the Absar Welfare Foundation is officially established; there 10 clubs gathering involving some 500 regular players in the rural and urban areas of Pakhtunkhwa.

Nowadays, the Foundation has a professional team involving coaches, an accountant, social activists, journalists and ambassadors, you could follow their example on World Table Tennis Day.


…………a mixed gender training camp

…………leadership and character building activities

…………table tennis training camps in a safe location that is attractive to women

…………promote activities on paper and electronic media, feature women in a positive light.


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