01 Mar 2019

Success in Bahrain for Russia’s Lev Katsman and Kristina Kasantseva alongside India’s Anargya Manjunath; the result they climb the age group world rankings issued on Friday 1st March; it is the same scenario for Japan’s Shunsuke Togami won clinched gold in Portugal, as it is for colleague Kaho Akae who secured the top step of the podium in both the Czech Republic and Sweden.

Meanwhile, there is a new no.1; also from Japan, only 11 years old, the name is Sora Matsushima.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

The cadet boys’ singles runner up in February in both the Czech Republic and in Sweden, formerly listed at no.5, Sora Matsushima heads the Under 15 Boys’ World Rankings; he replaces Peru’s Carlos Fernandez at the top of the order, he drops to no.3, one place behind the Czech Republic’s Simon Belik.

Runner up in Bahrain, Simon Belik was previously named at no.7; significant progress, it is the same for Russia’s Denis Izumrudov and Haruki Harada, the players who beat Sora Matsushima in the respective Czech and Swedish finals. Denis Izumrudov climbs from no.26 to no.8, Haruki Harada from no.24 to no.9.

Similarly, gold medallist in Bahrain, on the Under 15 Girls’ World Rankings, Anargya Manjunath moves from no.50 to no.15; Kaho Akae the cadet girls’ singles winner in both the Czech Republic and Sweden, as well as in the latter, the junior girls’ singles champion, advances one position to no.3. She changes places with Romania’s Elena Zaharia; China’s Kuai Man and Chen Yi continue to occupy the top two spots.

Notable progress for cadet champions, for those in the next age group, on the Under 18 Boys’ World Rankings, winner on home soil, Sweden’s Truls Moregard changes places with China’s Xu Yingbin and now occupies the no.2 spot, Lev Katsman, successful in Bahrain, climbs from no.21 no.8. Also from China, Xiang Peng continues to head the order.

Success in Bahrain for Lev Katsman, it was the same for Kristina Kazantseva; in the Under 18 Girls’ Rankings, she climbs from no.16 to no.6; China’s Shi Xunyao followed by Amy Wang of the United States and Poland’s Anna Wegrzyn, a quarter-finalist in the Czech Republic, continue to the occupy the top three positions.

Efforts rewarded, it is no different on the Under 21 Men’s World Rankings, Shunsuke Togami, the winner at the Seamaster 2019 ITTF Challenge Polish Open, advances from no.29 to no.12; colleagues Yuto Kizukuri and Yuki Matsuyama retain the top two places, Austria’s Andreas Levenko now joins Yuki Matsuyama in second spot, having previously been named at no.6.

On the Under 21 Women’s World Rankings, Japan is also very much in evidence at the top of the order; Miyu Nagasaki retains top spot with Miyuu Kihara, once again at no.3; sandwiched in between, Hong Kong’s Minnie Soo Wai Yam maintains the no.2 spot.

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