31 Jan 2019

The sports equipment supplier will provide the ball for the 2019-2020 Para Table Tennis Tour & Continental Championships

For the very first time, there is a sponsor for the Para Table Tennis Tour, after 729 won the bid for the 2019-2020 Para Tour & Continental Championships Ball Sponsorship.

The partnership will provide a consistent, state-of-the-art ball for players on the Para Tour: the latest proof of how Para Table Tennis is being professionalised at an unprecedented rate.

Worldwide reach in impressive event schedule

Approximately 20 events on the annual Para Tour will feature the ball provided by the Chinese sports equipment supplier, for whom this is also a first ever partnership with the ITTF.

Events include Factor 20 (regular tier), Factor 40 (top tier) and Factor 50 (Continental Championships).

The Para Tour events span Europe, Asia, Pan America and Africa, kicking off with the Lignano Open (Italy) in March and culminating with the Copa Costa Rica in December.

Meanwhile, four Continental Championships (Oceania, African, Asian and European) will be taking place in Darwin (Australia), Alexandria (Egypt), Taichung City (Taiwan) and Helsingborg (Sweden).

Click here to see the full event schedule.

Raising the quality of Para Table Tennis

“Having a common ball for all Para Table Tennis events was a recurring request from athletes and coaches in recent years. Thanks to the work of the ITTF Marketing department and to 729, Para tournaments will be able to reach a higher level of quality.

As an international federation which prides itself on inclusiveness, with Para Table Tennis fully part of the ITTF for the last 10 years, we look forward to welcoming more partners in line with our philosophy: ‘Table Tennis. For all. For life.’” 

Pablo Pérez, ITTF Para Table Tennis Manager

“Today, Para Table Tennis events reach far beyond the realm of sport. They are a means for achieving inclusiveness in a greater society. In this context, the athletes will show their unyielding determination, extraordinary talent, spirit of self-improvement and genuine passion for all that they do. I wish all of the athletes the very best in their endeavours and that Para Table Tennis will be a resounding success in this period.” 

Sun Jingsheng, President of Tianjin 729 Sports Equipment Co. Ltd

“We are very happy that 729 recognises just how inspirational Para Table Tennis athletes are, and so we welcome them on board to help the continued growth of the sport. With a base of more than one thousand internationally active players worldwide (and many more at national level), this partnership will be beneficial for all parties.”

Kimberly Koh, ITTF Head of Sponsorship

The ITTF Para Table Tennis programme is constantly growing with currently 1,260 active players worldwide, representing 91 national associations.

At the same time, the professionalisation and presentation of all Para Table Tennis events are witnessing a rapid upturn, while the sport’s profile is also on the rise at Paralympic level.

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