06 Dec 2018

Lima, the host city for the 2019 Pan American Games was the recent home for an ITTF/PTT Level One Course, proceedings commenced on Monday 26th November and concluded on Sunday 30th November.

Staged under the auspices of the ITTF Development and High Performance in conjunction with the Peruvian Table Tennis Federation, a total of 18 coaches attended, 15 men and three women, the expert on duty was Venezuela’s Luisana Perez.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Notably, a major aim of the Peruvian Table Tennis Federation, under the leadership of Marisol Espineira, is to promote coach education, prioritizing at grass roots level in  order to enable affiliated clubs to prosper. Furthermore, for coaches who work at the Peruvian Institute the target is provide the opportunity to enhance knowledge.

“We hope to have several Level One and Level Two courses in 2019. We are working on that; the course held this week in Lima and next week in Arequipa are a significant steps to develop table tennis in the country.” Marisol Espineira

A most comprehensive course, Luisana Perez focused on the principles required for players to develop their skills.

In the schedule, she included basic practice routines, the use of multi-ball and physical training. In addition, the necessary three sessions were allocated to Para play, Furthermore tournament organization was included in the mandatory 30 hour itinerary.

“The evaluated practices were full of many didactic resources for the teaching of table tennis. New teaching strategies were shared; that was very enriching. For me “learning doing” is what makes special and magical Level One courses, aimed at the initiation of table tennis under the “Breaking Barriers with Table Tennis Balls” programme.” Luisana Perez

Most of the coaches were from the capital Lima, being Jesus Tello, Brenda Cordova, Giancarlo Galvez, Cesar Casquero, Miguel Novoa, Ricardo Cordova, Alexander Meza, Matias Goicochea Nicole Cumpa, Brayan Sirguenza, José Baca, Jordy Diaz, Arturo Santivañez, Jorge Pazos and Alan Blas.

Visitors from abroad were Venezuela’s Roxy Gonzalez, Brazil’s Eduardo Marcos and Leonel Aragon.

Peru (Lima) - 2018 ITTF/PTT L1 Course

High Performance and Development Luisana Perez