13 Nov 2018

Organised by the Table Tennis Association of Malaysia in liaison with ITTF High Performance and Development, Gymnasium No.3 of the Kuala Lumpur Sport City was the home for a self-funded ITTF Level Three Coaches Course from Saturday 3rd to Saturday 10th November.

Led by Christina Chee, it was the first such initiative to be staged country’s capital city since the same venue hosted a pilot project six years ago.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

In 2012 the itinerary had comprised 48 hours, matters being conducted by Philippe Molodzoff and Glenn Tepper. Alongside Christina Chee those present had been: Ahmed Dawlatly, Polona Cehovin Susin, Richard McAfee, Aleksey Yefremov, Francisco Seijas, Georg Silberschmidt and Mohamed Atoum. Additionally, Malaysian coaches Fan Kow Jan, Tan Tiang Song and Ng Bee Yong had attended.

The group in 2012 (back row, left to right) Glenn Tepper and Richard McAfee; (front row left to right) Christina Chee, Aleksey Yefremov, Mohamed Atoum, Philippe Molodzoff, Georg Silberschmidt, Francisco Siejas, Polona Cehovin Susin and Ahmed Dawlatly (Photo: courtesy of Christina Chee)


Now in 2018, a total of six coaches, two men and four women were present; pertinently, a further three male coaches are involved in the national project.

All responded to the efforts of Christina Chee, the course members studied diligently and gave one hundred per cent effort in their goals to become high level coaches. In particular Karen Jaleco was delighted.

“Inspiring, it was not easy with eight intensive days but I enjoyed the course very much.” Karen Jaleco

Christina Chee (far right) supervises the examination (Photo: courtesy of Christina Chee (Photo: courtesy of Christina Chee)


Notably a major part of the course was the 90 minute World Anti-Doping Agency online educational programme; the focus being on gaining results by hard work and not by other means. The topics addressed included the health consequences of doping, accountability, results management, therapeutic use exemptions and decision making.

An extensive schedule, appreciated by Beh Lee Fong, for many years one of the leading players in south-east Asia and now the Malaysian National Coach.

“I benefited from the Level Three Course; now I have a better understanding of high level coaching to train players; in the past I have attended the ITTF Hopes Programme and Training Camps.” Beh Lee Fong

A practical session in progress (Photo: courtesy of Christina Chee)


Also highlighted was project management in order to plan a periodization schedule for young elite players, establishing times when the accent should be on physical training and times when practical preparation was prominent.

“Overall a satisfied and successful course with sincere thanks to the Table Tennis Association of Malaysia and the National Coaching Academy of the National Sports Institute of Malaysia for the support and co-operation rendered.” Christina Chee

Now the coaches are required to complete an additional 80 hours of supervised coaching with high level athletes and also have to complete a training camp project after the course in order to achieve ITTF Level Three certification.

Course members with (fifth from left) Christina Chee (Photo: courtesy of Christina Chee)
High Performance and Development Coaching Christina Chee