24 Oct 2018

Golden memories and new records, such was the outcome of the 2018 World Table Tennis Day; 579 events in 97 countries were registered, bringing together 95,000 participants.

Now preparations for the 2019 edition have begun!

by Romina Concha Sepúlveda, ITTF Foundation Consultant

World Table Tennis Day is about Table Tennis for ALL.

The ITTF Foundation invites everyone to celebrate our sport each year on 6th April, as a sport suitable for all, where the focus is less on excellence, more on inclusion, less on competition, more on fun, less on table tennis halls, more on public locations.

Help us to spread the word, to bring table tennis into your society and share the passion for our sport with ALL.

As in past years, a newsletter will be sent out to all interested in order to stay up to date. This year we want to know more about you, event organizer, your event, what are your plans, what is your target group, location, stories and the impact of your event.

We hope to provide you with all the support through our website and our newsletters, so we invite you to subscribe to receive the best tips and make the most of your event.

Now the website and the logo pack is available in nine languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Japanese

Also, this year you can also access templates to print training shirts, stickers and banners, which are also available in the nine languages. If you are missing your language, we will be happy to include it, just let us know.

Now, with less than six months to go to the 2019 World Table Tennis Day, we want to invite old and new event organisers to join the celebration and make our sport more and more popular, universal and inclusive. The countdown has begun!


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