11 Oct 2018

Successful earlier in the tournament in the Men’s Singles events, as play in the Men’s Team competitions commenced at the 2018 Asian Para Games in the Indonesian capital city of Jakarta, China and the Korea Republic made their intentions crystal clear.

Seven events on offer, in each instance a team from either China or Korea Republic listed at the top of the order, the day ended without defeat.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

On duty for the Korea Republic, in Class 1-2, the outfit comprising Cha Sooyong, Park Jincheol and Nam Kiwon asserted their authority on proceedings in a group organised event, as did colleagues Kim Younggun and Kim Junggil in Class 4-5, a competition that witnesses two groups in the opening phase. Likewise, there was a successful start for China’s Cao Ningning and Zhang Yan, the no.2 seeds.

Also in Class 11, again in a group organised event, for the Korea Republic matters started on a positive note. Kim Gitae and Jeong Kyuyoung remained unbeaten. However, there were problems for the second seeds. The Japanese outfit formed by Takashi Takeda, Toshiya Takahashi and Yudai Kikawada experienced a two-one defeat at the hands of Hong Kong’s Wan Wai Lok, Leung Chung Yan and Tsoi Ming Fai. Earlier in their opening contest, the Hong Kong team has experienced a two-nil defeat when facing Nanako Hazemaya, Yumi Ono and Harumi Kimura.

Similarly for the top seeded Chinese outfits it was a successful start to the quest for honours.

Events organised on a group formula, Feng Panfeng, Cao Yan Ming and Guo Fei ended the day unbeaten in Class 3, as in Class 6-7 did Yan Shuo and Chen Chao. In a similar vein in Class 9-10 it was a trouble free day for Lian Hao and Kong Weijie.

Successful starts for China, it was the same in Class 8 where there were two groups in the first stage. Zhao Shuai and Ye Chao Qun duly completed their initial stage fixtures unbeaten. Meanwhile, with one fixture remaining, the second seeded Thai combination of Phisit Wangphonphathanasiri and Komrit Charitsat enjoyed a day without alarm bells ringing.

Play in the Men’s Team events conclude on Saturday 13th October.

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