24 Sep 2018

Announced on Thursday 20th September at a press conference that included representatives from every major newspaper and television network within Thailand; Piradej Pruttipruk, President of the Table Tennis Association of Thailand, announced the formation of the first Professional League to be held in the country.

All league matches will be televised nationally by the True Vision Sports, the major sponsor of the event. The prize money for the first year is $1,200,000 Thai Baht (US$ 37,000).

by Richard McAfee

In the first year, the league will comprise four teams from the four top clubs in the country. There will be three rounds of play with each round being held over a three day period. There will then be a one-day play-off for positions between the top two teams and a play off for third and fourth places.

Each team match will comprise nine individual matches: two Men’s Singles, two Women’s Singles, one Junior Boys’ Singles, one Junior Girls’ Singles, one Cadet Boys’ Singles, one Cadet Girls’ Singles, and one Doubles. In the first round the doubles match will be Men’s Doubles, for the second round Women’s Doubles, for third Mixed Doubles.

Another unique feature of the True Vision League is that each individual match will be best of three games, each game to six points; it is not necessary to be two points clear.

A dynamic team format exciting six point games, the Table Tennis Association of Thailand hopes that the large amount of exposure on national television will draw more sponsors and help to expand the league in future years.

The True Vision League Schedule is:

Round One: Friday 28th – Sunday 30th September
Round Two: Friday 5th – Sunday 7th October
Round Three: Friday 26th – Sunday 28th October
Final: Saturday 17th November

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