21 Sep 2018

Play concluded on the opening day in Ostrava, Thursday 20th September, at the Czech Para Open, the medal hopes of the leading players in the Women’s Singles events were very much alive.

Notably in each category, the top seeds ended the day unbeaten; it was only those next in line who experienced problems of note.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Korea Republic’s Yoon Jiyu set the tone in Class 2-3, the top seed, she remained unbeaten in an event where there were two groups in the initial stage; somewhat differently for Croatia’s Andela Muzinic, the no.2 seed, she had to settle for runners up spot. She was beaten by Lee Migyu, also from Korea Republic (11-6, 9-11, 12-10, 11-9); she duly maintained her perfect record to secure top spot.

Defeat for Andela Muzinic but it was not terminal; in all Para events where there are two stages, players finishing in first and second places in each group advance to the main draw.

Problems for the second seed in Class 2-3; similarly in Class 5 Serbia’s Biljana Uboric had to settle for runners up spot in her group. She was beaten by Chile’s Tamara Leonelli (11-13, 11-8, 12-14, 11-3, 11-9). The South American duly kept a clean sheet to secure first place. Korea Republic’s Jung Younga, the top seed finished in first place in her group.

Somewhat differently, in Class 4, Russia’s Aleksandra Vasileva and Great Britain’s Megan Shackleton, the principal two names on duty, clinched first places in their groups, as in Class 6 did Poland’s top seeded Katarzyna Marszal. However, for Russia’s Fatma Fattakhova, the no.2 seed and one of Katarzyna Marszal’s main rivals, it was a day to forget. She finished in fourth place in her group, pole position ending in the hands of Romania’s Gabriela Constantin.

Likewise in events organised on a group basis, it was a trouble free day for the top seeds. Argentina’s Giselle Muñoz remained unbeaten in Class 7 as did Norway’s Aida Dahlen in Class 8 and Romania’s Iona-Monica Tepelea in Class 10.

Meanwhile, in Class 9, Poland’s Karolina Pek and Russia’s Olga Komleva secured first places in their initial phase groups as in Class 11 did Russia’s Elena Prokofeva, Japan’s Maki Ito and Nanako Hazeyama.

Notably in Class 7 Sweden’s Smilla Sand also remained unbeaten; a feat likewise achieved by Poland’s Dajana Jastrzebska in Class 8 and Denmark’s Thea Nielsen in Class 10.

Play in the individual events concludes on Friday 21st September.

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