01 Sep 2018

Winner in August on the Seamaster 2018 ITTF World Tour in Bulgaria, China’s Ding Ning makes one small step in her quest to regain the coveted top spot on the Women’s World Rankings, a position that time and again, in previous years, when the monthly order was published, saw her name above all others.

On the listings issued for September, she climbs one rung up the ladder; she occupies the no.6 position, changing places with Japan’s Mima Ito who now appears in the no.7 spot.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

It is the only change amongst the elite names. China’s Zhu Yuling retains first place ahead of colleagues Liu Shiwen and Chen Meng; Japan’s Kasumi Ishikawa is next on the list ahead of Wang Manyu, also from China.

Similarly, there is no change amongst those who pursue Mima Ito; Chinese Taipei’s Cheng I-Ching remains at no.8, followed once again by Japan’s Miu Hirano and China’s Chen Xingtong. Singapore’s Feng Tianwei and Korea Republic’s Suh Hyowon complete the top 12 names.

Very much the status quo; it is lower down the order where the movement is witnessed. China is very much in evidence,

Wang Yidi, beaten by Ding Ning in the Bulgarian final, moves from no.68 to no.38, Zhang Rui from no.80 to no.53; Wu Yang from no.90 to no.64. However, the name to note is Wen Jia, who suffered at the hands of Kasumi Ishikawa in the Czech final; she makes the quite dramatic climb from no.178 to no.79.

Likewise amongst the top 100 names, there is major progress for Germany’s Sabine Winter, who moves from no.64 to no.46, as there is for Slovakia’s Barbora Balazova, Slovenia’s Alex Galic and Monaco’s Yang Xiaoxin. Barbora Balazova climbs from no.83 to no.71, Alex Galic from no.115 to no.88 and Yang Xiaoxin from no.123 to no.95.

Higher listings but of the course there are those who must give way; the most notable being DPR Korea’s Kim Song I and Japan’s Sakura Mori. Kim Song I drops from no.45 to no.63, Sakura Mori from no.42 to no.72.

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