28 Aug 2018

Two consultant posts are offered by the International Table Tennis Federation; both are non-exclusive and both are home based.

The posts are those of Senior Web Developer and Database Administrator.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Each position is offered for a one year period with an evaluation after three months.

Principally, the task of the Senior Web Developer is to build and maintain web applications using a variety of technologies whilst maintaining and expanding the current site.

A rapidly developing sphere as technology continues to progress, a willingness to learn in order to keep pace with modern developments is essential. It is important that the sport of table tennis is presented in an upbeat, entertaining and exciting manner.

Similarly, the Database Administrator must respond quickly to demands presented, being able to work alongside members of staff who regularly need such information. The International Table Tennis Federation has a full calendar of events; therefore it is essential that matters are kept up-to-date and meet necessary requirements.

Both posts require a minimum of five years’ experience in the necessary field of expertise; candidates are required to possess a Bachelor’s Degree or similar. Furthermore, a high level of competency in the English language is required, in addition foreign travel may be necessary.

The only international federation with every conceivable country and self-governing territory a member, the International Table Tennis Federation is a vibrant organisation; thus key factors are enthusiasm, adaptability and the desire to be part of a growing team whose avowed goal is progress and setting new standards.

Unquestionably, they are challenging position but they are rewarding, the level of job satisfaction for those with a positive and far seeing attitude is high; both are quite unique opportunities.

Closing date for applications is Friday 14th September.

Further details and application: ITTF Database Administrator

Further details and application: ITTF Senior Web Developer

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