06 Aug 2018

The new leader on the Seamaster ITTF World Tour Standings; China’s Xu Xin is the player to make the most significant progress on the Men’s World Rankings issued for August.

He climbs three positions to no.5; he replaces Germany’s Timo Boll who drops one position to no.3, being behind colleague, Fan Zhendong who continues to lead the list.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

One place lower for Timo Boll, it is the same for China’s Lin Gaoyuan who drops to no.4 and colleague Lin Gaoyuan who now appears at no.5.

Conversely, Japan’s Tomokazu Harimoto progresses from no.8 to no.6 and is now ahead of China’s Ma Long and Korea Republic’s Lee Sangsu; each is one rung down the ladder lower than in July.

It is the same for Hong Kong’s Wong Chun Ting who now occupies the no.10 spot, being ahead of the Japanese duo of Koki Niwa and Jun Mizutani; each advances one position. Formerly at no.11, Frenchman Simon Gauzy now appears at no.13.

A higher status for Xu Xin and he is very much not alone.

Notably, there is major progress in the top 100 names for the Korea Republic. Jeong Sangeun moves from no.24 to no.15, Jang Woojin from no.30 to no.22 and Jeoung Youngsik from no.37 to no.26.

Similarly, further down the order, Kim Donghyun advances from no.83 to no.66 and from north of the border, DPR Korea’s Pak Sin Hyok climbs from no.115 to no.95.

Significant progress for Korea Republic; it is the same for Japan. Yuya Oshima climbs from no.50 to no.32, Masataka Morizono from no.63 to no.43 and Yukiya Uda from no.108 to no.89. Likewise there are positive moves from China’s Liang Jingkun and Liu Dingshuo; Liang Jingkun advances from no.103 to no.62, Liu Dingshuo from no.140 to no.85.

Meanwhile, not to be left out, India’s Sharath Kamal Achanta, formerly at no.43, is now at no.33; Chinese Taipei’s Lin Jun-Yu climbs from no.52 to no.36; Spain’s Alvaro Robles from no.54 to no.44. Not to be left out; previously at no.77, Can Akkuzu is now at no.67.

Higher listings but there are also those who make telling falls; the most notable of all is Vladimir Samsonov of Belarus, he drops from no.25 to no.54; the first time outside the top 50 since April 1993! Also, there is a downward trend for Sweden’s Mattias Karlsson who, following his marriage, is to be known as Mattias Falck. He drops from no.18 to no.29.

Similarly, Germany’s Benedikt Duda falls from no.35 to no.46, Chinese Taipei’s Liao Cheng-Ting from no.36 to no.50.

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