31 Jul 2018

Titles secured in Amman at the 2018 Jordan Junior and Cadet Open, Chinese Taipei’s Li Hsing-Yang and Chen Ting-Ting move ever closer to gaining an invitation to the prestigious end of programme ITTF World Junior Circuit Finals.

On the Boys’ Standings Li Hsing-Yan moves from no.64 to no.13 (1,540 points); on the counterpart Girls’ Standings, Chen Ting-Ting now appears at no.8 (2,010 points). Previously she was listed at no.25.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Likewise, on the Boys’ Standings, India’s Manush Utpalbhai Shah, beaten by Li Hsing-Yan in the Amman final, is very much in the hunt as is Iran’s Amin Ahmadian, the player he accounted for in the penultimate round.

Amin Ahmadian retains his no.7 position (2,610 points); Manush Utpalbhai Shah moves from no.22 to no.10 (1,807 points).

Also on the Girls’ Standings, India’s Selena Selvakumar, who experienced defeat at the hands of Chen Ting-Ting at the semi-final stage in Jordan, advances from no.42 to no.22 (1,134 points). Notably, with each national association only being allowed a maximum of two players in each of the Boys’ Singles and Girls’ Singles events at the Finals, she gives her chances of receiving an invitation a major boost.

The runner up in Amman, Fang Sih-Han, making her first appearance of the year on the ITTF World Junior Circuit, enters the Girls’ Standings at no.41 (700 points).

Not present in Jordan, Chinese players continue to head the order of merit in both disciplines.

On the Boys’ Standings Yu Heyi (4,274 points) remains in top spot ahead of colleagues Xiang Peng (3,800 points), Yuan Licen (3,136 points) and Yu Yingbin (2,986 points). Next in line is Japan’s Kakeru Sone (2,800 points), followed by a further player from China, Xu Haidong (2,760 points).

Meanwhile, on the Girls’ Singles Standings, Shi Xunyao (5,060 points) continues to lead; once again being ahead of compatriots Qian Tianyi (3,530 points), Huang Fanzhen (3,500 points) and Zhang Binyue (2,924 points). Poland’s Anna Wegrzyn remains in fifth spot (2,298 points), followed by Japan’s Yukari Sukasawa (2,475 points).

In addition to a national association only being permitted a maximum of two players in each of the Boys’ Singles and Girls’ Singles events at the Finals; furthermore, each continent – Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, Oceania – is eligible to be represented by one player in each event. Additionally to qualify a player is required to compete in a minimum of two continents.

The next tournament on the agenda is the Hang Seng 2018 Hong Kong Junior and Cadet Open; play commences on Wednesday 1st August.

2018 ITTF World Junior Circuit: Boys’ Standings (following Jordan Junior & Cadet Open)

2018 ITTF World Junior Circuit: Girls’ Standings (following Jordan Junior & Cadet Open)

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