29 Jul 2018

Located in central Mexico, the city of Queretaro was the home for the recent Central American Hopes Week and Challenge; proceedings commencing on Thursday 5th July.

Accompanied by their coaches, four boys and four girls attended from the host country as well as the same number from El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama.

by Ian Marshall, Editor

Under the direction of Guatemala’s Milton Catalan, two training sessions were held each day; the first from 9.00 am to 11.30 am, the second from 3.00 pm to 5.30 pm.

Also, in the evening education sessions were organised for coaches from 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

“From the first day I noticed the enthusiasm and the desire to learn that each child and their coach possessed. I saw that from the very first moment that we started training. I admired the discipline and the camaraderie that these children possessed. They worked hard and wanted to excel.” Milton Catalan

A detailed programme was organised based on establishing sound fundamentals from which progress can be made.

“We worked on technical aspects, exercises for control; service and reception, movement exercises, changes of pace and anticipation exercises. Meanwhile, as the challenge tournament was approaching, tactical work was done in order to apply these aspects in the matches. In the physical part we worked on skills circuits, co-ordination, agility and plyometrics.” Milton Catalan

All responded to the efforts of Milton Catalan; the coaches being delighted with effort made.

“The camp was very useful for the children; the coach explained the techniques needed and how to put them into practice when we return to our own country.” Adalberto Ruiz (Guatemala)

“The camp was exceptional and very dynamic. There was no monotony; every day there was something interesting, it was very intense and very productive in all things.” Dayana Ferrer (Mexico)

“The camp was very good especially with the exercises we can implement them in our country, I also learned new methods of teaching players of this age.” Ana Gonzalez (El Salvador)

Likewise, the response from the players was most positive, all better for the experience.

“I liked the camp very much. I had a great experience, it was really satisfying to represent my country.” Renzo Lee (Panama)

“It is my first Hopes experience. I have learned new techniques and it has been nice, I am very happy to qualify for the Hopes continental week.” Gabriela Ruiz (Guatemala)

Overall a most successful venture, one that was most certainly for the good of Central America.

2018 Central America Hope Week

2018 ITTF Hopes Milton Catalan