03 Jul 2018

Four appearances to date on the 2018 ITTF World Junior Circuit, Yu Heyi heads the Boys’ Standings prior to the start of the 2018 China Junior and Cadet Open; play commences in Taicang on Wednesday 4th July.

It is a list dominated by China, a situation the also applies to the Girls’ Standings led by Shi Yunyao, player who to date has made three excursions.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Manager

The winner in the Czech Republic and France, Yu Heyi (4,274 points) is somewhat clear of the field, being ahead of colleagues, Xiang Peng (3,800 points), Xu Yingbin (2,986 points), Xu Haidong (2,760 points) and Yuan Licen (2,520 points).

Notably all have met the criteria of being required to compete in two continents in order to qualify for the ITTF World Junior Circuit Finals but a national association is only allowed a maximum of two players in each of the Boys’ Singles and Girls’ Singles events at the end of programme tournament.

It is a very similar situation in the Girls’ Standings. Shi Xunyao (3,660 points) is ahead of compatriots Qian Tianyi (3,530 points), Huang Fanzhen (3,500 points) and Zhang Binyue (2,700 points).

Qian Tianyi, Huang Fanzhen and Zhang Binyue have all completed the two continent criteria to compete in the Finals. Shi Xunyao to date has only played in Europe, having won in the Czech Republic and France whilst being a semi-finalist in France. Pertinently, she is named on the entry list for the forthcoming 2018 China Junior and Cadet Open. Thus the criteria will be met.

The effect of Chinese predominance is that in both events, even taking into consideration the fact that every continent is eligible for one of the 16 places in each of the Boys’ Singles and Girls’ Singles events at the Finals, as is the host nation, play in two continents and a top 20 finish may well secure a place.

On the current Boys’ Standings, Singapore’s Pang Yew En Koen is in sixth place (1,924 points), followed by Iran’s Amin Ahmadian (1,890 points), China’s Kuang Li (1,880 points) and Sweden’s Truls Moregard (1,796 points). Japan’s Takeru Kashiwa (1,645 points), Brazil’s Guilherme Teodoro (1,510 points) and Thailand’s Yanapong Panagitgun (1,435 points) complete the top 12 names.

Meanwhile, on the Girls’ Standings, Poland’s Anna Wegrzyn is in fifth position (2,498 points), with next in line being Japan’s Yukari Sugasawa (2,475 points), Puerto Rico’s Adriana Diaz (1,925 points) and Lucie Gauthier of France (1,922 points).

Following suit, Serbia’s Sabina Surjan occupies the no.8 spot (1,442 points), she is pursued by Japan’s Yumeno Soma (1,370 points), Chile’s Valentina Rios (1,350 points) and Prithika Pavade of France (1,332 points).

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