27 Jun 2018

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games ever closer, the Austrian National Olympic Committee has introduced a project named “I believe in you”; the goal being to enable athletes to raise funds for the necessary preparation for the forthcoming multi-sport gathering.

Players such as, Liu Jia, Sofia Polcanova, Andreas Levenko and Maciej Kolodziejczyk are involved in the project.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Players may choose a “gift” they are able to offer or a fan may can purchase a “meet and greet session”.

Each player sets a target figure; for example Andreas Levenko set the target at €2,500; already he has reached his goal. Liu Jia stated €4,000, currently she has reached €1,520; thus she has achieved 38 per cent of her target.

Meanwhile, Maciej Kolodziejczyk opened such a project. He has set a figure of €3,000 and has collected €1,880; the figure being 62 per cent of the goal.

I believe in you: Austria National Olympic Committee

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