27 May 2018

Full colour, a total of 280 pages with some 850 photographs and illustrations, the book “Table Tennis with Timo Boll” is scheduled to be released in July.

Written by Germany’s Bernd-Ulrich Gross, a respected coach, the author of some five books on the subject of table tennis including Table Tennis: Tips from a World Champion and Table Tennis Basics; the publication is most wide ranging and comprehensive.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Manager

Descriptions of modern techniques form the fundamentals of the publication with extensive photographs being added to enhance the ideas propounded.

Thoughts on tactics, playing philosophy, as well as detailed information on equipment are included. Basically the book provides knowledge which enables a player or coach to move to a higher level. Most certainly it can become a valuable resource.

Winner of the Cadet Boys’ Singles title at the 1995 European Youth Championships, since that date Timo Boll had graduated to become one of the major threats to the superpower of the sport China. One of the his most memorable feats was at the Liebherr 2005 Men’s World Cup in the Belgium city of Liège when in the second stage of proceedings, he beat Wang Liqin, Ma Lin and Wang Hao to capture the title.

Six times European Men’s Singles champions, top of the World Rankings, crucial to German success at both Olympic Games and World Championships throughout the current century, the record of Timo Boll speaks for itself.

Now 37 years old, the player who caught the eye as a boy in the 1990s has a wealth of knowledge; that extensive knowledge is now shared.

Promoted by Meyer and Meyer Sport in paperback, the book will be available from Cardinal Publishers. The cost is US$ 24.95.

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