02 May 2018

A busy young man, at the moment for Korakij Sermkijseree, the national coach, is present at the Liebherr 2018 World Team Championships supervising the efforts of the Thailand in the Women’s Championship Division and Men’s Division Two.

However, prior to departing for Halmstad, he was very much involved in initiating back home.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Manager

Boundless enthusiasm Korakij Sermkijseree, always known as Kit because no-one outside Thailand can wrap their tonsils around his full appellation, is highly involved in a project supported by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), major sponsors of the Table Tennis Association of Thailand (TTAT).

They are promoting a project “SET Table Tennis for Everyone” aimed at increasing participation. The link with the sponsor began when Kittiratt Na-Ranong, at the time the SET Manager, attended a Training Camp in Chonburi led by Kit; discussion ensued and the project was realised. Kit is now a qualified Course Conductor. Richard McAfee of the United States, guided Kit through the necessary procedures, the support afforded being greatly appreciated.

“The object of this project is to focus on schools, offices and clubs in the country. One important aspect is to increase the number of coaches.” Korakij Sermkijseree

Significantly, the project has started, it is not a dreamland adventure that may or may not realise fruition. Each organisation that is part of the project will be required to send two or three members to attend an ITTF/PTT Level One Course.

Pertinently, the first such course was staged from Monday 23rd to Friday 27th April in Bangkok, a second is planned for later in the year in October. Both directed by Kit, the aim is to provide a solid base from which the sport can grow.

Additionally; the TTAT and SET will provide for each year of the five year agreement, with a possible extension clause, some 40 table tennis tables plus rackets and balls to the organisations who join the project. Each organisation will be required to send two or three members to attend an ITTF/PTT Level One Course.

It means the project can realise an increase of some 40 to 50 coaches each year. Also, the national team will visit member organisations to give demonstrations.

 Day One: South American Junior and Cadet Championships
Photos: courtesy of Freddy Almendariz

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