01 Jan 2018

Success in Astana at the Seamaster 2017 Grand Finals meant Chen Meng secured top spot on the Women’s World Rankings; that situation is now confirmed officially on the listings issued on Monday 1st January.

She assumes the replaces Chinese national team colleague Zhu Yuling at the top of the order and occupies the prestigious position for the first time in her career.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Zhu Yuling now occupies second spot being followed by Singapore’s Feng Tianwei with the Japanese trio of Kasumi Ishikawa, Mima Ito and Miu Hirano being the next in line.

First place for Chen Meng is very much the result of her efforts on the Seamaster 2017 ITTF World Tour. Impressively, she won the Women’s Singles titles in Qatar, Australia and Germany, whilst being the runner up in Japan.

The newly issued rankings are the first to adopt the principles which takes into consideration the best eight finishes in the immediately preceding 12 month period, with the exception of the World Championships which remains for a two year term.

Similarly, there is high status for the rising generation of Chinese young Chinese players, Wang Manyu is at no.8 with Chen Xingtong being at no.10; however, there are two illustrious Chinese names, who since January 2010 have been the most prevalent names at the top of the order, who do not appear amongst the elite.  Ding Ning appears at no.21, Liu Shiwen at no.24; the reason is quite simply a recent absence from the international scene.

Asian names, especially those from the east of the continent are very much in evidence; for Europe, the traditional rivals, Li Jie of the Netherlands and Hungary’s Georgina Pota are the leading lights. Li Jie appears at no.14, Georgina Pota at no.20.

In search of former glories for the old continent but for Latin America, Africa and North America in the modern era, it is very much a case of pushing back the boundaries and setting new standards.

Puerto Rico’s Adriana Diaz appears at no.37 with Chile’s Paulina Vega being at no.53; Egypt’s Dina Meshref is at no.39, Lily Zhang of the United States at no.61.

Meanwhile, on the Under 21 Women’s World Rankings, the listings taking into consideration only results in the age group and the most recent six international results in the past year as opposed to eight for the Women’s World Rankings, the name at the top of the order is that of Hong Kong’s Minnie Soo Wai Yam. Next in the pecking order is the Japan’s quartet of Saki Shibata, Minami Ando, Maki Shiomi and Miyuu Kihara.

The Under 18 Girls’ and Under 15 Girls’ World Rankings is planned for publication later in the month.


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