12 Nov 2017

Notable performances on the international scene, the global status gained by Quadri Aruna is ever higher; furthermore, it is having an effect on Nigerian players based in Europe.

In particular Olajide Omotayo, who currently plays in Italy, has recently secured a five-deal deal with the German manufacturer Gewo; the agreement being made possible to a great extent through the influence of Nigeria’s leading player.

by Olalekan Okusan, ITTF-Africa Press Officer

Olajide Omotayo will receive table tennis equipment as well €1,500 annually for the length of the agreement in order to attend major tournaments in Europe.

“The deal was made possible based on the recommendation of Quadri Aruna who prior to the deal has been sponsoring me with Joola equipment for three years. I must express my sincere appreciation to Quadri and his wife, Ganiat for their support and belief in me in the last three years.

Getting this new deal will surely help me, because with an unlimited supply of equipment, this will trigger me to work harder, with the hope of gaining bigger opportunities. Hard work pays and that is what has been working for Quadri. I hope I can take a lead from him.

I am so lucky to have this opportunity because there are so many players out there without a sponsor. My sincere gratitude goes to Gewo for believing in me and giving me this big opportunity to represent their brand.

Quadri did a lot and I could remember how he started talking to Gewo on my behalf; everything happened pretty fast and glory to God, it was a success.” Olajide Omotayo

It is understood the terms of the contract may be improved.


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