16 Oct 2017

Table tennis players around the world continue to show support for Ian Lariba, as T2APAC is next to donate to Lariba’s fight against Leukaemia.

by Wade Townsend

The captains and players from T2 Asia Pacific Table Tennis League (T2APAC) have come together to donate US$5,000 to support Ian Lariba.

Lariba, who was flag bearer for the Phillipines in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in May. Players around the world continue to show their support.

“Ian Lariba is an inspirational player, not just for the Philippines but also for young players from all over the world,” said Vladimir Samsanov, who is taking part in the T2APAC league.

World Champion and T2APAC captain Jörgen Persson, called on the global table tennis community to rally behind the cause.

“I’m pleased to see the ITTF taking the lead in raising funds for Ian Lariba’s medical treatment,” said Persson. “There is no doubt the table-tennis community should rally to this cause, and I hope the sports community and the public can chip in as well.”

Earlier this month Ryu Seungmin visited Ian Lariba to deliver a Korea National Team uniform with words of encouragement from players of the Korea National Table Tennis Team. The players also raised funds and Ryu personally delivered the donation of $3,000 to Lariba.

Play your part and join the ITTF Dream Building Foundation in raising US$60,000 for Lariba’s fight against Leukaemia.

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