12 Oct 2017

Over one hundred entries, eventually through a gradual process of elimination, the three winners of the Design a Ball competition organised by Steve Rowe, the founder of Aerobic Table Tennis, were recently determined.

Three age groups, under 5 years, under 11 years and under 15 years were on offer.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

The table tennis manufacturer, Butterfly, shortlisted 20 names in each category, the final decision as to the names of the eventual winners being taken by Thomas Weikert, President of the International Table Tennis Federation.

A whole host of innovative ideas and designs were received. Azna from the United Kingdom was named the winner of the Under 5 years of age category, Japan’s Yumeta Koyama was announced the under 11 years winner and Emily Ireland, also from the United Kingdom, clinched the prize in the under 16 category.

“The design a ball competition was an idea to get more kids involved with table tennis somehow. What happened was, once they made a drawing on a ball, the kids then wanted to play with it on a table. This is exactly the result we wanted.” Steve Rowe


Most certainly it was an innovative way to introduce young people to the sport of table tennis.

“It was so good to see how creative kids can be, we had some amazing entries. I am so pleased that kids embraced the competition. I must give huge thanks to Butterfly for providing the prizes, Thomas Weikert for choosing the winners and Marcos Freitas for his video message.” Steve Rowe

Undoubtedly Steve Rowe achieved his goal but above all, whether a winner or not, the extensive imaginations of children were put the test in a meaningful exercise.

The winning designs (Photo: courtesy of Steve Rowe)


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