10 Oct 2017

Held every year since 2014, organized by the Japanese Table Tennis Association (JTTA), in conjunction with the International Table Tennis Federation, the annual JTTA Sport Science and Medicine Committee International Meeting was staged on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September.

Impressively, 43 sport science researchers attended, nine from the International Table Tennis Federation, three from Europe, three from Asia and 28 from Japan.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Proceedings commenced with Dr. Shiro Matsuo, a former Chair of the JTTA Sports Science Committee, declaring the meeting open.

He was followed by Dr Miran Kondric, Chair of the ITTF Sports Science and Medical Committee, who addressed the subject “Where do our ideas for table tennis research come from?” A total of 10 research presentations followed.

“His lectures always encourage us and give hope. Although we were planning to have 20 minutes for each presentation, active discussion resulted in most presentations overrunning.” Dr. Shiro Matsuo

Later the subject of sport nutrition was addressed by Professor Michiyo Kimura. Presentations regarding the latest research in Japan were highlighted, including the effort being made by the Japanese Sports Nutrition Society and the Japanese Badminton National Team’s nutritional support organisation.

“There were a lot of questions from those who attended, we had very active discussions.” Dr. Shiro Matsuo

Facts and figures for consideration (Photo: courtesy of Dr. Shiro Matsuo)


A most inspiring first day, on the second day there was a special lecture by Professor David Cabello from Granada University in Spain. He spoke on the subject “A Scientometric Study about Badminton applied to Sports Science.” Currently, he is working for the International Badminton Federation.

“The lecture was very interesting and we learned many things about badminton which, like table tennis, is also a racket sport. We promised co-operation in scientific research.” Dr. Shiro Matsuo

Further research presentations, as on the first day, followed.

“The meeting gave us a great deal of knowledge and motivated all of us. We will continue with international collaborative studies and will contribute to the development of table tennis by means of scientific research.” Dr. Shiro Matsuo

Matters concluded with Professor Kazuto Yoshida, the Chair of the JTTA Sport Science and Medicine Committee, expressing his gratitude, thanking all concerned.

Member of the meeting in Tokyo (Photo: courtesy of Dr. Shiro Matsuo)
Sports Science Dr. Shiro Matsuo