04 Oct 2017

Jun Mizutani recently tested himself to see if man still trumps machine in table tennis.

by Wade Townsend

FORPHEUS is the Guinness World Record holder for First Robot Table Tennis Tutor. The robot can also indicate precisely where the ball will be returned, guiding the human to sharpen up their skills.

But the machine recently got schooled by Japan’s Jun Mizutani.

The Olympic bronze medallist took on the chrome clad computer to see which Japanese icon ruled the table tennis table.

For now man still holds the upper hand over machine.

“It kept getting better as we played… If it evolves further, it may be a very good practice partner for table tennis players.” Jun Mizutani

FORPHEUS’s Lead Developer, Taku Oya, thinks that within a couple of decades robots will be our go to coaches.

“At the moment it is a human who teaches a robot how to behave or teach. But in the next 20 years it may be possible that a robot teaches a robot or a robot develops a robot.” Taku Oya (Lead Developer)

Domo arigato Roboto sensei.

Check out Mizutani versus the machine below.

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