27 Sep 2017

Located on the Horn of Africa with an Indian Ocean coastline, Somalia is the current home for a Basic Umpires, Basic Referees and Tournament Organisation Course; the host city being the capital Mogadishu.

Organised under the auspices of the ITTF Development Programme, proceedings commenced on Sunday 24th September and will conclude on Sunday 1st October.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

The expert on duty is Egypt’s very calm Mohamed Bassyouni, now one of the world’s leading international referees. Always he conducts matters, whether at a tournament or leading an education programme, with a great deal of care. The students in Mogadishu are in safe hands.

Furthermore, Mohamed Bassyouni is no stranger to Somalia. Supported by Olympic Solidarity, he led a similar course in late January and early February 2012.

Overall, a total of 35 students are present for the current initiative, 25 men and 10 women, all eager to learn in order to advance their skills and promote the organisation and administration of competitions in the country.

Proceedings commenced with an opening ceremony that saw many distinguished guests present; all offered words of encouragement and motivation. They underlined the great value of such course, whilst also looking forward to the future with a sense of hope and anticipation.

Notably, Ahmed Hassan Abbdy, the First Deputy of President of Somalia Olympic Committee and Dr Abdou Ebrahim Ahmed, President of the Somalia Medical and Doping Committee attended. They were present alongside Mohamed Ali Gamal, President of Somalia Table Tennis Association and Abdulla Aisa Deputy of Deputy President of Somalia Table Tennis Association.

A warm reception for all, especially for Mohamed Bassyouni it was a welcome return; his efforts of five years earlier had not been forgotten, his knowledge and teachings now awaited with anticipation.

 Chile: ITTF Level Three Course
Photos: courtesy of Mohamed Bassyouni

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