10 Sep 2017

Finalists in Hong Kong, China’s Liu Weishan, the winner and Japan’s Miyu Nagasaki, the runner up, are the players to make the most significant progress on the ITTF World Junior Circuit Girls’ Standings following the tournaments staged in August.

Liu Weishan moves from no.24 to no.3 (2,380 points), Miyu Nagasaki from no.7 to no.2 (2,450 points) being now one place behind colleague Maki Shiomi (4,000 points).

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Notably Miyu Nagasaki, who earlier in the year played in the Czech Republic and France, by being present in Hong Kong, now meets the minimum requirement of competing in two continents in order to qualify for the Finals to be staged in Luxembourg in early February 2018. To date neither Maki Shiomi nor Liu Weishan have achieved the requirement.

Climbing the list, it is the same from Japan’s Yumeno Soma and Satsuki Odo as it is for China’s Qian Tianyi as well as for Chinese Taipei’s Chen Ting-Ting and Su Pei-Ling.

All present at the Hang Seng 2017 Hong Kong Junior Open, Chen Ting-Ting and Satsuki Odo make the most significant advances. Chen Ting-Ting moves from no.18 to no.9 (1,771 points), Satsuki Odo from no.27 to no.15 (1,322 points). Less dramatically, Yumeno Soma climbs two places to no.5 (1,869 points), Qian Tianyi advances from no.10 to no.8 (1,792 points); Su Pei-Ling from no.12 to no.11 (1,614 points).

The effect is that amongst the leading names, it is a drop of two places for Japan’s Yuka Minagawa, Romania’s Adina Diaconu and Belgium’s Lisa Lung. Yuka Minagawa is now at no.4 (2,300 points), followed immediately by Adina Diaconu (2,230 points) and Lisa Lung (1.886 points).

Progress for the gold and silver medallists in Hong Kong, it is the same following the conclusion on proceedings in El Salvador on Sunday 20th August; Ishana Deb of the United States, the winner, enters at no.19 (1,250 points); Guatemala’s Lucia Cordero climbs from no.106 to no.30 (980 points).

A total of 16 boys and 16 girls qualify for the 2017 ITTF World Junior Circuit Finals in Luxembourg next February.

In addition to being required to have competed in two continents. In each of the Boys’ Singles and Girls’ Singles events, no association may be represented by more than two players and the host association is allocated one place. The best three results gained in each continent determine the overall points.

Also, each continent is eligible for at least one representative (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America and Oceania).

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