15 Aug 2017

The smallest country in South America, Dutch the principal language, in Suriname table tennis is climbing the sporting ladder.

Recently, commencing on Sunday 9th July and eventually concluding on Friday 11th August, played on five separate days during that period, the national federation, in liaison with the Chinese Embassy and a local Chinese organisation named White Lotus, organised the Ambassador Cup.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Notably, as the name suggests, the tournament was the initiative of the Chinese Ambassador who is based in Paramaribo, the country’s capital city.

Currently China’s Mo Riqiang is present in the country organising coaching sessions; with the help of the ambassador, it is hoped that the leading young players from Suriname will be able to visit China in the near future.

Sponsored by the Southern Commercial Bank, the event promoted the vision of friendship through sport.

Overall play was organised in five age groups: Under 11, Under 13, Under 15, Under 18 and Open Age. Impressively 40 players participated

 Suriname: Ambassador’s Cup
(Photos: courtesy of Desire Hooghart

Roll of Honour

Under 11: 1. Wilson Huang 2. Aroush Moorjani 3. Kevin & Jennifer Peng

Under 13: 1. Gyan Gangeram-Panday 2. Bhojwani Adiel 3. Jelanie Hooghart

Under 15: 1. Kunsh Moolchandani 2. Bhojwani Adiel 3. Sharifa Hooghart & Shariq Bipat

Under 18: 1. Jawahir Adesh 2. Kono Abas 3. Kunsh Moolchandani & Shariq Bipat

Open Age: 1. Maurice Lie 2. Adesh Jawahir 3. Kono Abas & Wu Chun Yau

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