04 Aug 2017

Kid table tennis, Tomokazu Harimoto, is the next guest on Ask A Pro Anything.

by Wade Townsend

Tomokazu Harimoto is just fourteen years old but has had a career worthy of players three times his age. He has already made his mark on every event in the junior and senior ranks.

But now it is time to face the most unruly opponent of them all; Ask a Pro Anything.

That’s right, kid table tennis sat down with host Adam Bobrow and answered everything that the fans had to throw at him.

Does hit Harimoto hit the books as much as the table tennis courts?

Why does he yell so much when he plays? Is he charging up to Super Saiyan mode?

And what is Harimoto’s spirit animal?

Spoilers, it’s a lion. But that’s hardly a surprise, just look at how he celebrates winning a point:

The young gun also reveals that he is looking to break in to the Top 10 in the world. Could he set another record soon if he cracks the Top 5?

Watch the video below and see your love for kid table tennis grow.

Tomokazu Harimoto Adam Bobrow