25 May 2017

Checkout Ma Long's Q&A and photoshoot with Harper's Bazaar China and be on the lookout for a superhero photobombing the fashion shoot.

from Harper’s Bazaar China

The world’s best table tennis player and also a fashionista; meet Ma Long.

Q: What are you like in your everyday life?

A: Actually I really love making jokes and having fun. I am very easy to get along with off the court.

Q: You’ve now got many younger female fans after the Rio Olympics; how do you feel about this?

A: Of course I am very happy and very thankful for their support and recognition. I hope I can use my good performance in return for their love and support.

Q: Do you mind negative comments on the internet?

A: I did mind in the past and frankly speaking I am a bit affected by others’ opinions. More fans following me means more news about me. So I have to adjust my mindset. There are many fans loving me. There are still some fans wanting me to be better and to continue improving.

Q: How do you usually release the pressure?

A: Sometimes running, singing or yelling at some place with nobody there. Sometimes I hang out with friends for dinner and some beer.

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