17 May 2017

Ball is life, so take a look inside the DHS factory to see how table tennis balls are manufactured.

by Wade Townsend

Ever wondered how table tennis balls are made? This episode of Pingsider takes you inside the DHS factory so you can get an up close look at the whole process. Well nearly the whole process; DHS is keeping hush hush and aren’t letting us in on all their trade secrets.

The balls are cared for like a fine wine or cheese, and are aged in a carefully controlled environment, with every competition ball tested and inspected by hand, twice! A fraction of a millimetre or milligram can  be the difference between the ball making it to the competition hall or the trashcan.

The factory can produce 200 million table tennis balls in a year, so can easily supply your next multi-ball session.

Wang Liqin also drops in to Pingsider to give an honest opinion on the change to the plastic ball and how the production is improving.

Checkout the episode below.

Equipment wang liqin