04 May 2017

Laimis Janciunas is the new President of the Lithuanian Table Tennis Association; he succeeds Rimgaudas Balaisa who has held the office for the past 23 years.

Rimgaudas Balaisa became a Board member of the association in 1992 and President in 1994; he stated it was time to pass the reins of duty to a younger person. He becomes Honorary President.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

During the Presidency of Rimgaudas Balaisa, Lithuania won 17 medals at the European Championships, seven of which were gold.

A 42 year old businessman Laimis Janciunas was previously a Board Member the association being responsible for financial affairs and marketing; he enjoys playing table tennis in his leisure time.

“First job to be done during the first month is an analysis of all needs, pros and cons. I need to have this list not only from Board members, employees but also from players, coaches and all the community. I believe the list will be long. Only then can I prioritize and start from the most important jobs.” Laimis Janciunas

Skirmantas Skrinskas and Inga Navickiene have been appointed Vice Presidents. Notably, Skirmantas Skrinskas played table tennis during his childhood days and as a student; Inga Navickiene is a qualified table tennis coach and a Board member of association for many years. Currently she carries out administrative work in one of sports schools in Lithuania.

Meanwhile, Juste Mazeikiene was elected Secretary-General, the other Board members being: Valdas Martinkus, Aurelija Abaraviciene, Karolis Kasparaitis, Gediminas Usackas, Raimondas Jackevicius, Romualdas Franckaitis, Romas Stankevicius.

Notably, the Lithuanian Table Tennis Federation will celebrate its 90th anniversary later this year.

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