12 Apr 2017

The good guys, those who uphold the best traditions of sport; it does the heart good to see them win; in the morning of Wednesday 12th April at the Seamaster 2017 ITTF-Asian Championships in Wuxi, there was first round Men’s Doubles success for Jordan’s Zaid Abo Yaman and Zeyad Aldmaisy.

They beat Macao’s Cheong Chi Chon and Wang Chun in five games (9-11, 11-6, 11-6, 8-11, 11-4).

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

A hard fought match; all four players conducted themselves in true sporting style, all were to be congratulated.

However, if there is one member of the quartet who sets the example, a young man I applaud, it is 23 year old Zaid Abo Yaman.

On the opening day of play in the Men’s Team event, he faced Leong Chee Feng in the contest against Malaysia. During the first game Zaid Abo Yaman was awarded a crucial point, it gave him a two point advantage.

Immediately, he advised the umpire that the ball had clipped the end of the table and the point should be awarded to Leong Chee Feng; the correction was made; instead of having a 7-5 lead in was 6-all.

Later at the end of the game, there was another doubtful situation but in reverse; the umpire can only make the judgement as seen in the split second. Should the point have been awarded to Leong Chee Feng or Zaid Abo Yaman?

It is not for me to decide but after a quizzical look from the Jordanian, who I suspect felt hard done, he smiled and accepted the decision; a lesser person would have argued like a spoilt child. He lost the game by the minimal two points and eventually the match (12-10, 11-6, 7-11, 11-7)

“I think in life be honest, respect people and respect your opponent; it is the same whether in work or in play, always behave correctly.” Zaid Abo Yaman

Zaid Abo Yaman showed the best traits of a human being and perhaps it does apply also in his work; he is a policeman in Amman, Jordan’s capital city.

Following the principles on play hard, play fair; the Jordanian duo eventually came through in their Men’s Doubles contest after some tense moments.

“In the fifth game we went ahead 6-2 but the important fact was we were really focused”, Zeyad Aldmaisy

Both are Zaid Abo Yaman and Zeyad Aldmaisy are right handed top spin attacking players; certainly they are in harmony in Wuxi.

“We are good friends, we practise together, we are brothers; there are no problems at all, we get on well together.” Zaid Abo Yaman

It was a privilege to meet the Jordanian duo; play hard but play fair. You can ask for no more.

Seamaster 2017 Asian Championships Zeyad Abo Yaman Zaid Aldmaisy

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