06 Apr 2017

Published on Monday 3rd April, the 2015 Anti-Doping Rules Violations (ADRV) report produced by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) illustrates doping offences committed in global sport during 2015.

A total of 229,412 samples were received and analysed in 2015 by WADA accredited laboratories; of these, 2,522 samples (1.1 per cent) were reported as Adverse Analytical Findings (AAF) and 1,649 (65 per cent of the AAF and 0.7 per cent of the samples received) were confirmed as ADRV (sanctions).

Françoise Dagouret, ITTF Anti-Doping Manager

In addition, a total of 280 non-analytical ADRVs were confirmed in 2015, involving 252 athletes and 28 athlete support personnel.

There were no such non-analytical ADRVs in table tennis nor in para table tennis.

In table tennis, four AAFs were found, representing 0.40 per cent of the total samples analysed in the sport. To date, together with the sport of modern pentathlon, table tennis is the only Olympic sport where none of these AAF resulted in sanctions in 2015.

The data indicates, relatively, a higher doping prevalence in Para table tennis, with five AAFs found (2.7 per cent of all samples received) resulting in two ADRVs. Among the 25 sports for athletes with an impairment where AAFs have been found, 18 sports have reported ADRVs, with Para table tennis ranked, together with a group of seven other Para-sports, behind IPC athletics, IPC powerlifting and Para cycling.

Note: IPC is the International Paralympic Committee

WADA: 2015 Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs) Report

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