27 Mar 2017

Anything goes when you ask the pros.

by Wade Townsend

In 2016 we let you Ask A Pro Anything. Anything? Yes, anything. Surprisingly, the pros didn’t go running for the hills when they saw Adam Bobrow approaching them with a microphone. You’d have thought they’d learnt their lesson by now.

Your questions had some athletes making a splash while others embodied the YOLO lifestyle. There was beatboxing and a Billie Jean boogie, deadpan deliveries and sausage distractions.

Meanwhile host Adam Bobrow, a fashionista not for the fainthearted, was setting some trends on the table tennis scene and a Bobrow inspired “Table Tennis Pro Fashion Show” might just be on the horizon.

Table tennis, it’s a beautiful sport. Here’s to a bigger, better and more bizarre 2017.

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