08 Mar 2017

ITTF is delighted to announce that Adam Bobrow will be the official ITTF commentator for all its events until 2020. Yes, the fun loving, compassionate and equally enthusiastic, Adam will be the voice of table tennis, bringing in all the knowledge and excitement of the game for the fans, globally.

By Neha Aggarwal

Adam Bobrow, a US national, won the voice of Table Tennis competition for the 2014 World Team Table Tennis Championships held in Tokyo, Japan and has been commentating for all the ITTF events since then.

The relationship continues to foster as he is now on board till 2020.

Thrilled with this news, Adam said, “I am very excited to continue watching closely, learning more and more about the world’s players and the inner most details of my favorite sport and the incredibly devoted athletes that make it so exciting to watch.  I look forward to sharing my passion and any insight I gain with fans around the world whether it’s about the players as people or about tactics, training and revolutions in the sport.”

The ITTF continues to improve and provide the best table tennis content for the fans all over the world, and Adam will definitely play an important role in enhancing it further.

“I am very optimistic about the future of the sport especially with the team that ITTF is continuing to build to grow the sport’s presence and quality for TV markets.  I will work hard to continue growing and improving in my role, hope to inspire those around me and will continue to enjoy the job that I love so much for AT LEAST the next four years,” he said.

Adam currently lives in Taiwan and travels around the world spreading the knowledge of the game, building more enthusiasm and making it fun to watch. He also hosts the show Ask A Pro Anything which gives an opportunity for the fans to directly interact with the players.

We welcome Adam Bobrow, the voice of table tennis, with open arms to the ITTF family, yet again.


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