25 Feb 2017

Six students qualified as National Referees following a course staged in Malaysia in 2009, one member Lee Yock Chin, progressing to become an International Referee; the task now is to build on that number.

Organised under the auspices of the ITTF Development Programme in conjunction with the Table Tennis Association of Malaysia and supported by the National Sports Council of Malaysia, a four day National Referees Course commenced on Thursday 23rd February.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

The course conductor is the host nation’s Cyril Sen, the venue for the proceedings being the Olympic Council of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur.

A total of 15 students are present, 11 men and four women.

“The course has been revamped and now incorporates not just a written examination, but also interactive activities as well as an oral interview, all of which require a mandatory pass in each discipline”, Cyril Sen (Course Conductor)

Host for the Perfect 2016 World Team Championships but in Malaysia there is a need for more nationally qualified referees in order to officiate at regional and national level. The course is designed to not only to meet that need, being four days as opposed to some eight years ago when it was three days; also it is a stepping stone to the international qualification.

“Although I have some experience refereeing at local competitions, I now have a better understanding with a new perspective on many of the aspects of refereeing. This course has opened my eyes to many things”, Riduan Jamir (Course Member)

It is hoped that no matter the final result, all the participants will, on their return home, be in a better position to support the organisation of competitions in their home states.

“Notably Daphne Lau, the youngest participant explained that she came with an open mind with the intention of learning new things and that she is definitely learning a lot”, Cyril Sen (Course Conductor)

The effect can only result in better organised competitions for the benefit of the players and spectators; most importantly, for the sport itself.

High Performance and Development Coaching Umpires and Referees Cyril Sen