04 Feb 2017

Organised under the auspices of the ITTF Development Programme, Bahrain was the recent home for an initiative with a difference; the island state located in the Gulf region of the world, hosted an ITTF/PTT Level One Coach Education Course.

Now, that is not unusual; the difference was that the course was only for women; proceedings commenced on Tuesday 24th January and concluded on Saturday 28th January.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Staged in the Federal Hall, premises which met all the necessary requirements, the expert on duty was Algeria’s Karima Tellaa.

Overall, a total of 30 students attended, all teachers from schools that specialised in physical education and sports; notably some were familiar with table tennis.

“All followed the training with great attention and a remarkable seriousness”, Karina Tella

Karimaa Tellaa (centre) with Shaikha Hayat bintabdulaziz AlKalifa (right) and left Ebrahim Seyadi (Photo: courtesy of Karima Tellaa)

Proceedings were opened by Shaikha Hayat Bintabdulaziz AlKalifa, the President of the Bahrain Table Tennis Association; she was present alongside Abdullah Al-Haj, Acting Director of the Department of Sports Affairs.

Additionally, leading members of the Bahrain Table Tennis Association were present. They included Abdel Ali Al Madeh (Vice President), Ibrahim Siadi (General Secretary), Jaffer Mahfoudh (Financial Secretary), Abdullah Faraj (Member of the Board of Directors) and Fareed Kazerooni (Executive Director). Notably Fareed Kazerooni was the course organizer.

“In her speech, the President emphasized the importance of women’s sport as a whole and especially table tennis; she stressed that the doors of the association are open to all women interested in working to promote table tennis”, Karima Tellaa

Studying hard (Photo: courtesy of Karima Tellaa)

A major goal of the Bahrain Table Tennis Association is to promote table tennis in local schools; currently a project organized in liaison with Ministry of National Education is in place. Coach education sessions for teachers are being held; the aim being that potential coaches will teach correct techniques.

“The training course went well, my thanks to Fareed Kazerooni for his dedication and outstanding professionalism, everything was at our disposal. I thank the Bahrain Table Tennis Association for all the effort provided. My thanks also to the Ministry of National Education for their interest in supporting women’s sport; I hope that my participation will give a great boost and thus encourages the participation of women”, Karima Tellaa

Pertinently, girls are encouraged to play, later a talent detection policy envisaged; notable progress is being made.

Karima Tellaa (centre) receives a gift from Ali Almadeh; Fareed Kazerooni (far left) and (far right) Ebrahim Seyadi watch proceedings (Photo: courtesy of Karima Tellaa)





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