02 Feb 2017

Familiar names head the World Rankings issued on Wednesday 1st February; conversely familiar names are absent.

Ma Long continues to head the Men’s list; Ding Ning once again leads the Women’s order of merit but there is no place for Chinese National Team colleagues, Zhang Jike and Liu Shiwen; both players who have occupied the top spot.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Neither has competed internationally since the conclusion of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games last August, Zhang Jike through injury and of his own volition; Liu Shiwen owing to national team suspension.

A period of four months without competing internationally means a player retains the ranking points for seeding purposes but does not appear on the published list.

Previously, on the January listings, Zhang Jike stood at no.4, Liu Shiwen at no.2; the effect for the next in line it is one place higher. On the Men’s World Rankings, Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin continue to pursue Ma Long; Japan’s Jun Mizutani is now at no.4 followed by Germany’s Dimitrij Ovtcharov and Hong Kong’s Wong Chun Ting.

Korea’s Jeoung Youngsik advances two places to no.7; Vladimir Samsonov of Belarus remains at no.8 with Chinese Taipei’s Chuang Chih-Yuan, Germany’s Timo Boll and China’s Fang Bo all climbing one place to complete the top ten names.

Notably for Jun Mizutani, Wong Chun Ting and Jeoung Youngsik, it is the highest status of their careers.

Likewise, on the Women’s World Rankings, it is one step higher. Zhu Yuling, like Ding Ning from China, is now in the no.2 position. Next on the list is Japan’s Kasumi Ishikawa followed by Chinese Taipei’s Cheng I-Ching, Germany’s Han Ying and Mimo Ito, also from Japan.

China’s Chen Meng climbs two places to no.8; Japan’s Miu Hirano remains in the no.9 spot. The next three names in the order of merit all advanceone place. Turkey’s Hu Melek is listed at no.10 with Hong Kong’s Tie Yana and Korea’s Jeon Jihee being the players next in the order of merit.

Similar to Jun Mizutani, Wong Chun Ting and Jeoung Youngsik, it is for Kasumi Ishikawa, Cheng I-Ching, Han Ying, Mima Ito and Hu Melek a career high.

Meanwhile, for both Ma Long and Ding Ning, the career high is maintained.

It is for Ma Long the 24th consecutive month, commencing in March 2015, when he has appeared in pole position; the 54th time in his career. He first ascended to the pinnacle in January 2010.

Impressive and Ma Long is somewhat ahead of Ding Ning; it is the fifth consecutive month since October 2016 that her name has appeared in first place on the Women’s World Ranking.

Overall, Ding Ning has headed the Women’s World Rankings on 40 monthly editions; her debut was November 2011.

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