27 Jan 2017

The first stop is Bengbu City in Anhui Province from Saturday 6th to Wednesday 10th May, the second is Chongqing, an autonomous city, from Sunday 24th to Friday 29th September; that is the schedule for the 2016 A-League organised by the Chinese Table Tennis Association.

In Bengbu, the events on offer are Men’s Team and Women’s Team; notably Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles are added to the itinerary for Chongqing.

by Ian Marshall, ITTF Publications Editor

Furthermore, the competition provides an opportunity for clubs outside the borders of the People’s Republic of China to play in the country that leads the field in the sport of table tennis

Clubs registering from outside China may register one team captain, one coach plus a minimum of three and a maximum of five players; should applications exceed the number of applicants, the date order in which submissions were made will decide.

In the first stage play will be organised on a group basis, in the second stage on the knock-out formula with play-off fixtures for positions.

Each fixture comprises five matches (A v X, B v Y, Doubles, A v Y, C v Z); it is very similar to the system adopted for the Olympic Games but there notable differences. Just as in the Olympic Games format, no player may play in more than two matches; the players named “A” and “Y” may not play in the doubles. Any other player may compete in the doubles; thus a further player or players may be introduced.

Additionally players who competed in the first two matches of the fixture, may not play in the fifth and deciding match.

Pertinently, clubs from outside China will not be relegated at the end of the year to the 2018 Chinese “B” League.

All clubs must make their own travel arrangements; the entry fee for each club, for each stop is US$ 500 per team.

The closing date for entries is Saturday 1st April.


For further details, submission of entry contact:

Ms. Zhang Xuejing

Tel: 0086 10 87183491 or 0086 10 87183492 Fax: 0086 10 67176053

Email: ctta2011@163.com

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2017 CTTA A League: Entry Form (Closing date is Saturday 1st April)

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