19 Jan 2017

Virtual Reality is no longer relegated to the world of sci-fi films. ITTF is about to bring you some innovative experiences in 2017.

by Wade Townsend

Most of us don’t have the bankroll to travel around the world in order to see our favourite players grinding it out on the court. And for those of us who are millionaire entrepreneurs with homes in Malibu and Milan, when we do rock up to the latest table tennis tourney we often find ourselves sitting twenty or thirty metres away from the action.

But all this about to change with Virtual Reality broadcasts.

For the less technologically inclined, Virtual Reality or VR tracks your head movements and adjusts what you can see based on where you are looking. Sound and touch experiences also can be incorporated, teleporting you out of your home and in to a whole new world. It’s the ultimate immersive experience that basically turns you in to Neo from The Matrix, and we all know how wicked awesome that would be.

Fancy some court side seats? VR lets you watch the game as if you are on Ma Long’s bench cheering him on. Want a bird’s eye view? Not a problem, you’ll be flying above the table. Whatever angle you’re after, VR has you covered.

So when can you experience this revolution? Right now.

ITTF has teamed up with SECA to bring you this cutting edge evolution in sports broadcasting with some VR test footage highlights from the Seamaster Qatar 2016 World Tour Grand Finals.

You don’t even need a VR headset to get a taste of what’s on offer. Check out what the 360° experience is all about by taking a scroll around the stadium on your computer.

Get up close and personal with Ma Long in action against Fan Zhendong:


And follow it up with Zhu Yuling taking on Han Ying:


Stay tuned for more Virtual Reality broadcasts from ITTF straight from 2017’s biggest events.

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