12 Jan 2017

A late cancellation for the Seamaster 2016 Women’s World Cup, resulted in Liu Shiwen being withdrawn from the Seamaster Qatar 2016 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals.

Now with the 2017 programme of international events due to start, the situation for Liu Shiwen regarding the Chinese National Team and international competition is somewhat uncertain.

by Henry Chen

It is understood that a lack of responsibility and patriotism on the part of Liu Shiwen is the reason why Kong Linghui, the Chinese National Team Women’s Head Coach and the remaining members of the coaching staff, decided to impose the suspension.

“When the country needs you, when there is a competition, you should adhere without complaint”, Kong Linghui

The message from Kong Linghui was very clear, when duty calls, respond.

“Also, Liu Shiwen did not have any physical injuries at that time; just a cough. Her condition was not very good and she was afraid not to play well. I already told her that she just needed to represent the Chinese Team; as for the results, she just needs to give her best. However, she still did not participate. So the team removed her from participating in international competitions”, Kong Linghui

Notably, Kong Linghui disclosed in a recent interview that Liu Shiwen hasn’t, as yet, earned back the trust of the coaching staff. Facing severe criticisms, Liu Shiwen admitted her lapse of judgement to the leaders and to the head coach.

 “We ask her to calm down and rest; after all the Super League has just finished. We want her to think clearly on how she can return to the national Team; especially if she wants to participate in the Olympic Games”, Kong Linghui

Pertinently, Chinese players will be in action at the forthcoming Seamaster 2017 ITTF World Tour Hungarian Open will begins in Budapest on Tuesday 17th January; none of the elite names who clinched gold, including that of Liu Shiwen, appear on the entry list.


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