19 Dec 2016

Zhang Jike has raised his popularity to a whole new level in 2016; that explains his award in this year’s China Top 10 Benefiting Laureus Sports For Good. He is grateful for the support from his fans.

As a most successful player, he continues to recover from injuries in 2016, he is also setting himself to surprise everyone in the coming year.

by Henry Chen

Zhang Jike was very grateful for the award he received in this year’s 2016 China Top 10 Benefiting Laureus Sports For Good. He was crowned the Favourite Male Athlete of the Year. In his acceptance speech, he specially commended the fans who continued to support him.

“That is precisely because you (the fans) have given me the motivation to take each step forward. What is really important from the bottom of my heart is that you made me become the athlete who stood in the world stage” Zhang Jike.

Recently he withdrew from the Seamaster Qatar 2016 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals

So what could be the latest in his physical condition?

“I had cold and fever the past days. Therefore, the condition is not especially good”, Zhang Jike answered after the award ceremony.

As for his foot injury, Zhang Jike revealed that he is in the middle of his recovery period. He considers this phase as extremely excruciating and long. Despite such condition, Zhang Jike maintains a positive mind set.

“Injuries are common among athletes. The attitude should always be positive”, Zhang Jike

The table tennis community wasn’t able to see a great deal of Zhang Jike in action in the year 2016. In both domestic and international tournaments, he has retired from some competitions. As a new year is about to start, Zhang Jike is set to work harder and to provide more surprises.

“This year will soon end. In the coming new year, I will work even harder. That is for the team and much more for the glory of China. I will be giving everyone more surprises”, Zhang Jike

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