19 Dec 2016

Brazilian star Hugo Calderano was recently featured in a 10 minute video where he reveals his training regime which will give you a taste of what it takes to be one of the top table tennis athletes in the world.

by Neha Aggarwal

Fitness minded social influencer from Brazil, Susana Yabar was recently invited by Brazilian star player Hugo Calderano in his home town Rio de Janeiro to spend a day and experience the intense workout that the world number 21 does to be one of the top table tennis players in the world.

The 10 minute long video, which was published by The Olympic Channel, gives a deeper look into a day of training with Calderano.

He starts by revealing what he does to increase concentration. No joke, you will be left bewildered. He can solve the perplexing Rubik’s cube within seconds!

They are then joined by Hugo’s coach and together the three will leave you entertained, yet amazed. Acquire a taste of the effort and hard work it takes to be what Hugo Calderano is today.

The training has many exercises such as, stability ball exercises, scapula retraction and hip abduction with the resistance band, core strengthening on balancing trainers, lateral speed and agility workouts, interval training for agility and coordination, ab exercise called the L-sit and many more.


Watch the teaser below.

For full episode: Hugo Calderano workout

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