09 Dec 2016

Days after he proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Xu Xin was issued with the marriage license last 30th November according to the Chinese media. Along with this development in his personal life, the pen-hold player remains hopeful and optimistic in his athletic career, starting off in this week's ITTF World Tour Grand Finals.

By Henry Chen 

“I hope the future would be better.” Xu Xin said.

According to Sina Sports, the 26-year old Chinese left hand pen-hold player have already received the marriage license last 30th November. This followed Xu Xin’s dramatic proposal to long-time girlfriend Yao Yan just days before.

“A lot of people asked me how long did I prepare (proposal). I said that there was no preparations as I just thought about it. I was a little nervous at that time but not very frightened after all, I have competed in the Olympic Games.” He explained.

Xu Xin during his proposal to Yao Yan. (Photo from Xu Xin’s Official Facebook Page)

Xu Xin is still a very active player of the Chinese National Team. Currently, he is at the capital city of Qatar for the Seamaster Qatar 2016 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals.

Could his latest decision affect his athletic profession?

The Chinese player hopes that everything will be fine. He cited an old Chinese proverb that means get married then build your career.

“My career before was not very smooth. I am thinking if this (marriage) will help my career or not. I think that this is a stage, and an opportunity.” He added.

Xu Xin has experienced setbacks in his career. In the London Olympic cycle, he failed to actively participate in the 2012 Olympic Games. Four years later, he finally got qualified but failed to represent the Chinese Team in the Men’s Singles event. Aside from that, Xu Xin lost to Jun Mizutani in the most critical part of the Olympic Men’s Team competition.

Of course, Xu Xin doesn’t feel any comfort from such loss but he believes that he can use such failure to be stronger in the future.

“It is better for me to remind myself of that failure. It can strengthen my experience and growth.” Xu Xin explained.

Yao Yan, who was once a member of the Chinese National Team, can definitely understand what Xu Xin is going through as an athlete. She also wants her husband to use such pain to do much better in the next Olympic Games.

Before the next quadrennial Games, Xu Xin must first do well in this week’s competition. His debut match will be against Chinese Taipei’s Chen Chien An in the Men’s Singles round 16. Their battle is scheduled on 9th December, 16:00 local time.

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