05 Dec 2016

Zhu Yuling, the leader of the Shandong Luneng Team, is currently doing well in the 2016 Chinese Super League, contributing her outstanding individual record to her team.

She hopes to continue such momentum into the rest of the preliminary stage of the league and also in the upcoming Seamaster Qatar 2016 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals.

by Henry Chen 

“We were at a disadvantage. But we still had a little chance (we just didn’t seize it).” Zhou Shusen, Shandong Qilu’s coach.

Last Sunday 4th December, Shandong Qilu battled against Shandong Luneng in the 14th round of the Chinese Women’s Super League as guests. The battle resulted to a 3-1 victory in favour of the host.

Zhou Shusen admitted that they were at a disadvantage compared to their opponents based from the line-up. He specially commended the solid performance of Zhu Yuling in the battle.

“Today everyone played out their level and their style. Because we don’t have a very sharp player, Zhu Yuling was still very strong winning two points for her team”, Zhou Shusen

Zhu Yuling, the main player of the Luneng Team, sealed the opening advantage with a straight games win against Chen Xingtong. Later in the battle, she pierced through the solid defences of Qilu’s main player, Wu Yang.

That sealed Luneng’s victory in the round. The team is now at the top spot with ten wins and four losses. They are tied with Anxin and Shandong Qilu.

Zhu Yuling is aware of her outstanding performance in this season’s Chinese Women’s Super League. She maintains a very powerful standing in the individual ranking, posting 24 wins and just two losses.

“I feel that the overall condition is the same with what I have said before. It is very stable. It is mainly due to my preparations and  training. I still need to continue and maintain my momentum.”, Zhu Yuling

The preliminary stage of the competition still has four rounds left. Therefore, the Luneng Team cannot afford to go easy in their next battles. Zhu Yuling hopes to maintain their rhythm. Aside from that, she is also preparing herself for this week’s Seamaster Qatar 2016 ITTF World Tour Grand Finals.

“Later, I will be playing in the Grand Finals. I hope I would be able to carry out my momentum and continue a good system.” Zhu Yuling

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