18 Nov 2016

The Chinese Team finished the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on a victorious note following their successful clean sweep of all gold medals available in Rio de Janeiro; it is a feat they aim to repeat.

Although there is still some four years before the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Liu Guoliang has already stated that they have started their preparations and they are bracing themselves against the host country Japan.

by Henry Chen 

“Whether in the men’s or women’s division, our main opponent in the next Olympic Games is the Japanese Team. They will be the hosting team so they have a big advantage”, Liu Guoliang

There is still a long time before the next Olympic Games will take stage in the Japanese capital Tokyo. However, the Chinese Team has already identified their main opponent.

Of course, there is a basis for such a statement from the Chinese Team’s head coach. In recent years, the Japanese Team has become one of the major forces in the international arena. They have finished on the medal podium the biggest competitions in the sport.

Although the Chinese Team has admitted the threat coming from the Japanese players, they are assuring everyone that they have more than the host team in mind.

“However, everyone doesn’t need to worry. We are not idling around. We are already preparing for the Tokyo Olympic Games”, Liu Guoliang

The Chinese Team would not have achieved the high status they are enjoying in the current era had it not been for their rigorous training. The team is known for their systematic training that enables their players to be foolproof in big competition like the Olympic Games.

They are the defending champions but the moment if they step down from the medal podium, they go back to square one.

“We, the Chinese Team, have a fine tradition. After stepping down from the podium, we will start from scratch”, Liu Guoliang

Liu Guoliang also wants to reveal their confidence against the hosts.

“Tokyo is the host of the next Olympic Games. I believe it can also be our home game. We can arrive in the finals. It is not important whoses home it is”, Liu Guoliang.

Notably, Liu Guoliang stated that he will still be leading the team in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

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